December 5, 2019

New year resolution tips: Do not wait

New year resolution tips: Do not wait

Some say that the period close to the new year is the best time of the year. Everything is so festive. Everyone is happy. And everyone is having plans that will start pursuing in the new year.

Nothing bad with goal setting.

I just see no reason for waiting for the new year.

Habits are everywhere. And it's difficult to change a habit. So having a habit of waiting for the next year, the next month, or the next Monday is the worst thing ever.

Because not only it enhances the natural procrastination that every human has in some form, it's also difficult to detect. Because, in contrast with other forms of procrastination, this one is socially acceptable.

So instead, when that time of the year comes (which is coincidentally now), set your "new year resolution" and get started! It doesn't have to be January 1st. Just start working on your new year resolution on December 22!

Remember that the aim is not to accomplish your resolution in the new year. The aim is to accomplish your resolution! And since it's a new year resolution it's something that is not trivial. So the sooner you start working on it, the better.

Now some actual tips on setting new year resolutions.

1. Do not follow the crowd

This time of the year social media and traditional media is full of common new year resolutions. Do not choose one of the ready-made resolutions. Choosing one of those is a recipe for failure. Instead, be inspired by those and assemble your own one. Crafting your resolution and making it personal is part of the journey.

2. Break it to sub-resolution

After you set it you must break it down to smaller sub-goals. Having a huge generic goal for an entire year will make it hard to track and to keep yourself accountable. Instead, break it down to sub-goals. Each should be measurable and concrete. Don't forget that it helps some times to time-box each sub-goal for not overspending time on one sub-task and forgetting the big picture.

3. Reward your self

Every time you are hitting one sub-goal you should reward yourself. Of course, you should be careful not to reward yourself with something that beats the purpose of your resolution (e.g. you shouldn't reward yourself with chocolate if you resolve to lose weight). Keeping your self happy is an important part of hitting your resolution. This needs to be fun for you to keep doing it. You are not in the military.

4. Keep "official" track

People love to see their progress. They feel proud. They feel good. I am not talking about knowing how much progress they've done. I am talking about seeing it. That's why Candy Crash shows you your progress with fancy colors. There are countless apps and websites out there that keep track of progress or habits. Get one of them and occasionally marvel at your progress. Don't forget to get the satisfaction of crossing the tasks out of the to-do list!

Have fun with your new year resolutions! Get started before the new year!

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